Thursday, 3 September 2009

Christies Auction Prices Thirty Years Ago

Old auction catalogues make very interesting reading. Here's a selection of prices from the Christies sale of 28 September 1989.

Lot 705 Rare Dutch Tinder Box cum Corkscrew (standard form but lacking damper) £1350
Lot 706 Murray and Stalker £1450
Lot 713 Thomason Compound Patent, open frame with four curved pillars £460
Lot 718 Nickel Four pillar King's Screw £240
Lot 724 London Rack with broken bottle grips £170
Lot 726 Lund Patent London Rack £115
Lot 727 Viarengo Patent of simple form £120
Lot 728 French L'Excelsior £170
Lot 729 Pink and White ladies legs corkscrew £200

All prices exclude commission of 10%+ VAT

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